Boccioni’s genius on exhibit in Milan

Umberto Boccioni, mostra “Genio e memoria”, Palazzo Reale, Milano -

Until July 10th 2016, Milan is celebrating Umberto Boccioni with an exhibition titled “Genius and Memory”, held at Palazzo Reale.

On the year of the centennial of the Italian Futurism master’s death (1882-1916), Boccioni’s favorite city – on May 29th 1907, as he first came to Milan, he wrote on his notebook, “I go to Milan with the aggressive will to win and win it over” – holds a show with a number of paintings, sculptures and drawings that define the itinerary of an artist who left a deep mark on 20th-century art.

While “genius” is usually a hefty word to handle, in this case it is perfectly appropriate. After all, Boccioni himself used it to justify his passion for iconic artists such as Dürer (“he is immense, great, a Titan, he is as terrible as a genius can be in his work”) and Michelangelo (“How can I dare speak of him in my own words? Who am I? […] Oh, mysterious power of a genius!”).

Speaking of Michelangelo, sixty of Boccioni’s drawings currently on display in Palazzo Reale are on loan from the famous Sforza Castle, home to the Pietà Rondanini.

The show is one of approximately one hundred events held in Milan for the “Back to the Future” cultural program. It is organized by Museo del Novecento, Sforza Castle and Palazzo Reale, with some three hundred pieces including sculptures, engravings, drawings, vintage photographs, magazines, books and never-seen-before documents, which together tell the story of the artist’s stylistic journey, in its entire evolution along timelines and themes: from Divisionism to Futurism, passing through Symbolism and Expressionism.

“Genius and Memory” also highlights the influence of various figurative movements in the history of European art that shaped Boccioni’s art, including Classical and Renaissance tradition.

It’s your chance to discover one of Italian art’s greatest geniuses.

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May 3, 2016

Boccioni’s genius on exhibit in Milan

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