Boa Boa: Brazilian atmospheres by Vito Nesta

by Barbara Palladino

There is a restaurant on Via Pontaccio, in Milan’s Brera district, where fusion cuisine meets auteur design: it’s Boa Boa, which flaunts interior decor in a mix of rust, blue and bottle green by Vito Nesta, who also designed the splendid wallpaper from Devon & Devon.

The space echoes Brazil and its suggestions, suspended between heaven and earth: the floor is made in a particular sand-tone resin, while the ceiling is blue like a clear sky.
One of the walls features a large mirror collage – a refined reference to a Venetian technique that was on trend in the early 16th century, when manufacturing large mirrors was impossible and people resorted to juxtaposing a number of smaller ones. The outcome was, of course, a mesmerizing “puzzle”, in a style that recurs in the Royal Palace of Caserta as well as in Piero Portaluppi’s Villa Mozart in Milan.

The colorful suspended lights are by Servomuto, while tables and velvet chairs with gilded details are by Calligaris.

The restaurant’s bathroom was designed with the same utmost care as the rest of the space. Here, the highlight is the Samoa wallpaper by Vito Nesta for Devon & Devon, which represents a “marine jungle” where red fish swim quietly, tying in with the fiery hue of the ceiling.

Boa Boa
Via Pontaccio, 5

Photo by Andrea Pedretti


Boa Boa: Brazilian atmospheres by Vito Nesta

Via Pontaccio, 5


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