Biscottificio Mattei and the cantucci of forgetfulness

Biscottificio Mattei, Prato, cantucci

Sugar, eggs, flour, almonds and pine nuts, mixed with a few secrets passed down since 1858: Prato’s cantucci have a simple recipe, which Antonio Mattei was able to perfect in the mid-19th century by tweaking a process he retrieved from 1600s’ tradition.

Biscottificio Antonio Mattei is managed today by the Pandolfini family. Out of the original headquarters on Via dell’Appianato, now known as Via Ricasoli, come the wonderful, famous almond biscuits that even Hermann Hesse fell for.

In his memoir “Italy”, the German writer tells the story of when he went to Prato to help a friend solve his romantic troubles, but forgot the reason he was there when a local acquaintance offered him a snack, including biscuits… the famous biscuits from Prato, of course, capable of distracting anyone, and even of causing a case of amnesia!

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October 27, 2016

Biscottificio Mattei and the cantucci of forgetfulness

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