The Bianchi Specialissima

The Bianchi Specialissima is defined by a superlative that shamelessly boasts a desire to win, to dominate the dreams of cyclists and fans of the noble sport of biking.

The lofty copy of the 1925 ad run by the Milanese manufacturer is a testimony to the company’s pride in this model: “Bianchi bicycles, disseminated all around the world, represent mechanical perfection and aesthetic beauty at their best in every country, and in every market.

 Each and every Bianchi bicycle is not only the most perfect machine from a technical point of view, but also an expression of the latest innovation.”

The Specialissima was born in 1956, when the Bianchi team already had quite an award collection and Fausto Coppi – whose name would forever be connected to the company – had already won five Giro d’Italia and two Tour de France. The company, established in 1885, had been the leader in the Italian market for decades.

Throughout the 1960s, the Specialissima – replacing the famous “Campione del Mondo” model, so similar in the frame profile but so different in the components – would become the top-ranking Bianchi racing bicycle. The Specialissima: a superlative that was not uttered with haughtiness or arrogance, but with well-grounded pride.

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December 11, 2013