Beach people by Ottorino Mancioli

Ottorino Mancioli (Rome 1908-1990) was a painter close to Cubism and Futurism, as well as a physician and writer. He is mostly known for a series of illustrations dedicated to sports: he created a number of them in the 1930s, out of the studio he had set up with his brother Corrado, in the attic of his house in Rome.

His long-limbed athletes with Mussolini’s bust and head were a hit during Italy’s fascist period. He pioneered the “story by images” genre, especially with rugby, which always struggled to take root in the country but is now enjoying some popularity.

Mancioli’s artistic interest was mostly dedicated to the human figure, as the art expert and critic Mariastella Margozzi has noted: “He made an absolute choice: to focus on the human figure and its existence – tense and stifling in drawings about war, fleeting and tied to movement in works inspired by sports, light and sleepy on the beaches.”

Here is a selection of “light and sleepy” bodies at the beach.

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July 7, 2015