Baxter Bar: a cozy vintage spot in Milan

A lively and cozy vintage spot inspired by London’s and New York’s clubs from decades ago, Baxter is the new place in Milan where you can relax and have a drink. Located in a former carpet store, at Largo Augusto 1, its personal features are now industrial lights, marble, brass, velvet, steel and gold, in a signature mix-&-match blend.

Stefano Guidotti, Head of Style at Baxter, furnished the venue with design items of great personality, mixing styles, textures and finishes. Clients here find the Potence lamp by Jean Prouvé – a customized version of the 1950s’ model – right next to vintage-inspired chairs. The space is enveloped in swing music selected by Andrea Attanasio – manager of Baxter, as well as owner of Como’s Fresco Cocktail Shop. He is the author of the fine cocktails on the menu, which bring together flavors and ingredients from the whole world. Take a break and enjoy: daily life can wait.

Baxter Bar: a cozy vintage spot in Milan

Largo Augusto 1


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