Bar Cattaruzza, a cappuccino on Molo Audace

Bar Cattaruzza is a historical bar in Trieste, a stone’s throw from Molo Audace – a famous dock cherished by Umberto Saba: “Per me al mondo non v’ha un più caro e fido / luogo di questo. Dove mai più solo / mi sento e in buona compagnia che al molo / San Carlo, e più mi piace l’onda e il lido?” (To me in the world no place is as dear and trusted / as this one. Where could I ever feel less / alone and more in good company than on the / San Carlo dock, and where could I better enjoy the waves and beach?”).

The famous Triestino poet still used the old name – “San Carlo dock” – for the docking pier that had been built between 1741 and 1743 using the wreck of a ship – the “San Carlo”, which sunk in this stretch of sea in 1740. The dock was renamed in 1918 in memory of the “Audace” destroyer, the first ship of the Italian Navy to enter the city’s harbor after the end of the First World War.

Bar Cattaruzza is a great stop for a nice espresso. Or for a take-away cappuccino that can come with you as you head out to this brave dock on the Adriatic Sea, just a quick walk down Riva Tre Novembre.


photos via ©Stefano Crialesi

August 25, 2015

Bar Cattaruzza, a cappuccino on Molo Audace

Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, 1
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