As splendid as it was meant to be: Villa Favorita in Ercolano

Ercolano, Villa Favorita, facciata posteriore sul parco - façade overlooking the park

The beautiful Villa Favorita in Ercolano, Naples, is waiting for someone to take it back to its original splendor, reclaiming this masterpiece of 18th-century architecture, built along the wonderful so-called “Golden Mile” that stretches from Ercolano’s archaeological sites to Torre del Greco, known for the majestic villas it leads to, on the Vesuvius.

The deadline is March 30, 2015: on that Monday the call for bids announced by the Agenzia del Demanio last December will close, and the main body of the villa, as well as the upper park and its buildings, will be granted to the winner for six to fifty years. The goal is to redevelop and highlight the artistic and cultural value of this striking public property. The call is open to private investors ready to present a broad entrepreneurial project with goals for tourism, hospitality, and culture.

Villa Favorita is an asset in the “Valore Paese-Dimore” portfolio, a project implemented by Agenzia del Demanio, Invitalia and Anci to instill new life in public estates with great historical or artistic value.

The magnificent Bourbon residence in Ercolano was designed between 1762 and 1768 by the great Florentine architect Ferdinando Fuga (whose masterpiece is the façade of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome), and was turned into a royal residence by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon.

Over the decades, its beautiful rooms – such as the one decorated in Arab style on the first floor, and the one with figures and friezes of Chinese inspiration on the second – welcomed princes, kings, Joachim Murat, Egypt’s exiled viceroy Isma’il Pasha (between 1879 and 1885), Navy officials, and war orphans taken in by the Salesians.

Villa Favorita waits patiently for someone who can make it shine on the Golden Mile again; March 30 is fast approaching: soon we will discover what the future holds for this place of beauty.

March 4, 2015

As splendid as it was meant to be: Villa Favorita in Ercolano

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