Artists of Baroque Rome, in the eye of Ottavio Leoni

Ottavio Leoni, ritratti di artisti - artist portraits

Michelangelo Merisi (or Amerighi), known as Caravaggio (Milan, 29 September 1571 – Porto Ercole, 18 July 1610)

Here is a gallery of artist portraits by an artist: Ottavio Leoni (1578-1630), Rome-born Baroque painter and engraver, protégé of the Venetian cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte, who was a great antiques collector and held one of the most important intellectual salons of 17th-century Rome, in Palazzo Madama.

In a number of paintings and etchings, Ottavio Leoni has left us a rich collection of faces that represents the cultural vitality of Rome in those years, when it was home to so many prestigious personalities (Leoni’s pencil sketched everyone from poet Giambattista Marino to scientist Galileo Galilei, who did not always willingly go to the capital…).

Our interesting selection also includes a portrait of Caravaggio – the most accurate ever painted, with the exception of Caravaggio’s self-portraits.

August 5, 2016