Artisanal goodness from Dibenedetto in Altamura

Altamura, Molino artigianale Dibenedetto

Every day, dozens of types of pasta are made in Molino Artigianale Dibenedetto in Altamura, in the province of Bari, from classic “orecchiette” to the “capunti” popular in the South of Italy. Farro and durum wheat flours are used, ranging from “Senatore Cappelli” to “Khorasan” varieties.

Since after the 1950s, when Michele Ferrulli bought the factory in a period of grave economic crisis, the company has grown stronger and renovated more than once without giving up on traditional machinery and methods, and without moving away from town like most of the competition. Currently under Mario Dibenedetto, Molino Artigianale Dibenedetto even continues the long tradition of working for third parties.

Because it is so special, the Altamura mill keeps a door open to all. Even to anyone who wants to watch and learn: the Dibenedetto family is always happy to tell the story of their workshop, and to explain how flour is made.

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September 9, 2015

Artisanal goodness from Dibenedetto in Altamura

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