Aril, the shortest river in Italy

Fiume Aril, Cassone, Malcesine, Verona

A sign in Cassone near Lake Garda reads – in English as well as Italian, German and French – “River Aril, 175 meters, the shortest river in the world”.

The city administration of the small village of Malcesine, Verona eagerly claims this world record, against a vast literature that mentions names and locations of Lilliputian rivers around the globe that would make the Aril pale in comparison: the D River in Oregon, USA is only 37 meters long; the Ombla in Croatia is 30; the Reprua in Abkhazia, Georgia is 27…

Precision aside – noting the difference between a river and a stream and a channel depends on the regularity and volume of the flow – the Aril is not only for sure the shortest river in Italy, but also an evocative invitation to visit the wonderful villages around Lake Garda.

Here it is, in all of its majestic smallness.

Photos via: ©, ©Claudia Zancanaro, ©Giuseppe Savo

November 3, 2016

Aril, the shortest river in Italy

Cassone, Malcesine, Verona