Apulia’s architectural wonders: the Old Cathedral in Molfetta

Il Duomo di San Corrado, a Molfetta - Molfetta's Old Cathedral

The Old Cathedral (or Duomo di San Corrado, as it is called in Italian) in Molfetta, Bari, is one of Apulia’s magnificent cathedrals.

The April 1949 issue of Touring Club Italiano’s glorious “Vie d’Italia” included a moving, poetic description of such beautiful churches, “some anchored to rock spurs like great ships looking out to the intensely blue sea; others, pink in hue, overlook villages dense with glaring white houses; others yet rise suddenly in small squares dazzled by the sun…”

The magazine presented to its readers these churches’ Romanesque architecture, with distant “Lombard, Byzantine, Norman, Arab, and later French” influences, deriving from the time when “between the 11th and 13th centuries, a flourishing season completed its cycle: tokens of renewed religious ardor, hard-working fervor, and thriving business”.

The Old Cathedral, built between the 1150 and the late 1200s, is one of such ancient, architectural wonders.

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March 31, 2015

Apulia’s architectural wonders: the Old Cathedral in Molfetta

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