Anna Fendi’s taste for elegance

by Barbara Palladino

Fashion, just like wine, hinges its success on three running themes: passion, excellence and research. These are indeed the three cornerstones Anna Fendi has picked to create an exclusive oenological collection: a limited edition of select wines that represent the best of Italy’s production. The project includes twenty exceptional terroirs, which the famous fashion designer cherry-picked after traveling across the country in a search for beauty and for the degree of perfection only her great sense for flavor and refinement could achieve. The outcome is Aeffev – Anna Fendi Vines, born from Fendi’s collaboration with Pino Tedesco and expert professionals in the field. The project took shape around a single, sophisticated goal: to find famous wine makers as well as small companies specializing in high-quality products, all starting from the most excellent grapes and using natural and sustainable processes.

Aeffev’s collection of twenty “High Fashion” wines includes the great protagonists of Italy’s tradition: red wines like Brunello, Chianti, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Barolo; bubbly wines like Valdobbiadene; white wines like Falanghina, Vermentino di Gallura and Soave; and even spirits, like Grappa d’Amarone and Acquavite. This selection is complemented by a second “Prêt-à-porter” collection of wines, which are also made according to natural and sustainable methods. The project clearly ties in with fashion heritage through its products’ dreamy names: Castel del Monte Rosso Aglianico is “Gabardine”, Montepulciano DOCG “Broccato” (brocade), Pinot grigio “Flanella” (flannel) and Riesling Val d’Isarco doc “Gros Grain” (grosgrain). The craftsmanship and know-how of haute couture thus blend into extraordinary wines, merging the two worlds through the ingredients they have in common: great taste, Made in Italy expertise, exclusivity and a passion for beauty, whether it is the kind you wear or the kind you savor.

The Aeffev selection carries, in the DNA at its core, breathtaking landscapes and exquisite bouquets, offering delicious nectars that represent joie de vivre as well as the unique quality of a limited edition product. The selected wineries indeed dedicated to the project an exclusive wine, barrique, year, or vineyard row – making Anna Fendi’s collection even more special. After building a fashion empire, the designer and entrepreneur continues her journey in “the creation of beauty” in the field of flavor, with the same love, dedication and fine sense for quality and measure.

Aeffev – Anna Fendi Vines


Portrait of Anna Fendi and Pino Tedesco


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