Alessandra Spigai’s words

Trieste-based designer, Alessandra Spigai summons up forgotten type and gives it energy, puts it back in use, treats it like a living thing, because as Victor Hugo wrote, “The word, if one only knew it, is a living being”.

Type Objects is the constantly-evolving creative work of an artist and designer who has always loved words, and especially words which become tangible in type sorts that for centuries communicated the ink of emotions and news to generation after generation. Looking out from the pages of books and magazines, words performed their task for a long time before the new digital world left lead type behind, in the dust of typesetter cases abandoned in the dark.
It’s now time to mix that type again into new shapes, into aphorisms, poems, games and thoughts. It can come back and speak a different language, embossed on a table, in the concave space of a plate, or around the frame of a mirror.

The words of Alessandra Spigai have splinters and imperfections: they have been used, and are speckled with life.

“They are the soul’s mysterious passersby”, again quoting Victor Hugo: the French writer surely knew words, and loved them as few others could.

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Alessandra Spigai’s words

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