Aldo Mazza, illustrator and more

Aldo Mazza,

"Woman under the Sun", 1928, oil on wood

Milanese artist Aldo Mazza (1880-1964) is known mostly as an illustrator. He collaborated since his early years with various publishing houses (including Vallardi, Sonzogno, Bertatelli, and Officine Grafiche Ricordi) and periodicals (such as weekly magazines “Guerin Meschino” and “L’Illustrazione Italiana”, and daily newspaper “Il Secolo”). He created illustrations for novels and drew illustrations, vignettes, posters for advertisement, propaganda, and theater show, postcards and calendars.

Mazza also always cultivated a passion for traditional painting, inspired by realist style, with interesting developments in colorist research. His works were put on display in Brera’s Fine Arts Academy, Milan’s Galleria Pesaro, and the first International Exhibition of Colonial Art held in Rome.

Elegant women, urban landscapes and flower compositions stand out as Mazza’s most frequent subjects.

Here is a gallery of his works, kept in Milan’s “Leonardo da Vinci” Museum of Science and Technology.

March 23, 2015

Aldo Mazza, illustrator and more

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