Alberto Calligaris, master of wrought iron

Alberto Calligaris, cancello con pavoni, 1907 - Gate with Peacocks

Alberto Calligaris (Udine, 1880-1960) was a real master of wrought iron.

After getting a start in his father Giuseppe’s workshop in piazza San Cristoforo, Udine, Alberto opened a new factory in via Micesio in the early 1900s, from where he continued to churn out all kinds of projects: monumental gates for palaces such as the headquarters of the Riunione Adriatica di sicurtà in Trieste or his hometown’s Town Hall smaller gates such as those for the chapels inside the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua, flower boxes, chandeliers…

His works, now scattered all over Europe and the United States, varied also in style – proving his great talent in shifting from Art Nouveau to Art Deco to Rationalism with great flair.

Here is a small selection of his creations.

December 14, 2015