Alberto Burri and expressive matter

After his 1983 solo show at the Giudecca, Alberto Burri is back in Venice’s spotlight, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore opposite Piazza San Marco, with the “La pittura, irriducibile presenza” (“Painting, irreducible presence”) exhibition.

The anthological retrospective was organized in collaboration with Tornabuoni Art and promoted by the Giorgio Cini Foundation and the Burri Foundation – curated by the latter’s Chairman, art historian Bruno Corà.
Until July 28th, the exhibition will showcase fifty works coming from Italian and foreign museums, illustrating Burri’s artistic journey as one of the leading figures in Italy’s Arte Informale. Don’t miss your chance to see the “Catrami” (“Tars”), “Combustioni” (“Combustions”), “Sacchi” (“Bags”), “Muffe” (“Molds”), “Legni” (“Woods”), “Plastiche” (“Plastics”), “Cellotex” and famous “Cretti” (“Cracks”) – Burri’s most famous and iconic pieces, created by leaving monochrome surfaces dry in the sun. Each one generates its own great, sensational impact: think of the “Cretto di Gibellina”, made in 1981 by covering the ruins of the Sicilian city that had been destroyed by an earthquake.
The exhibition also includes multimedia installations that present Burri’s work method through videos. It all makes for deep storytelling about the artist’s relationship with matter, his “Muse” and chosen medium of expression.

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June 15, 2019