Alberonero: the shape of color


“86 +73” is an installation Milanese designer Alberonero created for Periferica, a project for urban renewal through artistic and cultural processes, in collaboration with Viavai Project – which supports artists who use their work to tell stories about the places where they live – and leading paint manufacturer Linvea.

For this immersive 3D painting, located in a now-abandoned quarry in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, approximately 300 liters of paint in 159 difference hues were used on the “canvas” of a completely white structure. By integrating colors and playing with shapes, Alberonero changed the perception of the building itself, exploring the relationship between architecture and the viewer, and the sensorial effects produced by different nuances.
This is not the first project of this kind Alberonero has tackled – indeed he is somewhat specialized in large-scale pieces. His “painting” in this case merges into the surrounding landscape, creating new depths with color, light and shadows, altering the original look of the building.

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February 6, 2019

Alberonero: the shape of color

Mazara del Vallo