A whole universe of details, by Domenico Gnoli

Domenico Gnoli (Rome, 1933-New York, 1970), believed that “everyday objects, enlarged by our attention and care for them, are more important, beautiful, and terrible than any invention or the imagination that created them”.

Gnoli was a painter and an illustrator, with frequent collaborations with American and international magazines such as “Holiday”, “Harper’s Bazaar”, “Life”, “Fortune”, “Sports illustrated”, “Time”, “Horizon”, “Queen”, “Mademoiselle”, “Charm”, and “The Paris Review”. He is now pinpointed as a forbearer of Hyperrealism, with many critics noting his relationships with Pop Art and the Metaphysical Art of Carrà, De Chirico, and Morandi.

From the 1960s, the Roman artist started focusing on a universe of objects taken out of their context, observed simply in their specific details: minutia from garments, tables, beds, ironed shirts, people’s hairdos. He painted all of that with a special combination of acrylic paint and sand (which does not leave brush strokes), on monumental, huge canvases.
Everyday objects, according to Gnoli, “say more about me than anything else. And fill me with fear, disgust, and enthusiasm.”

Domenico Gnoli, "Lady's feet", 1969

"Lady's feet", 1969

Domenico Gnoli,"Scarpa di profilo", 1966 - "Shoe from the side"

"Shoe from the side", 1966

Domenico Gnoli, "Sotto la scarpa", 1967 - "Under the shoe"

"Under the shoe", 1967

Domenico Gnoli, "Girocollo 15 1/2", 1966 - "15 1/2 collar shirt"

"15 1/2 collar shirt", 1966

Domenico Gnoli, "Striped Shirt Lapel", 1969

"Striped Shirt Lapel", 1969

Domenico Gnoli, "Red Dress Collar", 1969

"Red Dress Collar", 1969

Domenico Gnoli, "Chemisette Verte", 1967

"Chemisette Verte", 1967

Domenico Gnoli, "Pelliccia", 1965 - "Fur Coat"

"Fur Coat", 1965

Domenico Gnoli, "Giacca a doppiopetto", 1965 - "Double-breasted jacket"

"Double-breasted jacket", 1965

Domenico Gnoli, "Cravatta", 1969 - "Tie"

"Tie", 1969

Domenico Gnoli, "Cravate", 1967

"Cravate", 1967

Domenico Gnoli, "Lithograph of a Button", 1966

"Lithograph of a Button", 1966

Domenico Gnoli, "Striped Trousers", 1969

"Striped Trousers", 1969

Domenico Gnoli, "Waist Line", 1969

"Waist Line", 1969

Domenico Gnoli, "Trouser Pocket", 1969

"Trouser Pocket", 1969

Domenico Gnoli, "Shoulder", 1969

"Shoulder", 1969

Domenico Gnoli, "Wrist Watch", 1969

"Wrist Watch", 1969

Domenico Gnoli, "Borsetta da donna", 1969 - "Ladies' purse"

"Ladies' purse", 1969

Domenico Gnoli, "Le Gant", 1967

"Le Gant", 1967


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