A square by Renzo Piano to remember Fabrizio di André

Paiazza Faber, Tempio Pausania, Renzo Piano, Fabrizio De André

Songs and ideas vanquish the distance between Liguria and Sardinia, between Genoa and Tempio Pausania.

Songs by musician Fabrizio De André (1940-1999), born in Genoa, who in the second half of the 1970s moved to Sardinia, in the Agnata estate just a stone’s throw from Tempio Pausania.

Ideas by Renzo Piano, another famous creative mind hailing from Liguria’s capital city – such as the twelve sails he imagined could open and close over the square dedicated to his friend De André, in Tempio Pausania.

From July 21st, over “Piazza Faber” a sky of canvas triangles made by Alvisi Kirimoto+Partners, long-time collaborators of Piano, greets visitors.

When closed, the sails resemble the shape of “Faber-Castell” pencils, which De André loved so much that his friends nicknamed him “Faber”.

When open, they project triangular shadows on the pavement, as well as images and words.

So in Tempio Pausania, the wind and light remember De André every day.

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August 10, 2016

A square by Renzo Piano to remember Fabrizio di André

Tempio Pausania (OT)
Piazza Faber