A must-see exhibition dedicated to Andrea Mantegna, at Turin’s Palazzo Madama

Palazzo Madama in Turin is currently holding a major exhibition titled “Andrea Mantegna. Reliving antiquity, building modernity” (“Andrea Mantegna. Rivivere l’antico, costruire il moderno”) until next 4 May, 2020. Its concept stems from the fact the great master’s central role in Italian Renaissance was charged by a sublime talent that merged his passion for classical antiquity with realism.

The exhibition traces the painter’s personal and creative evolution, from the outset in his youth to the height of success at the Gonzaga court, highlighting the close-knit network of connections he created with writers and academics of his time, who witnessed his role at a fulcrum of the cultural scene as well as a spokesperson of the moral and aesthetic values of humanism.

The exhibition showcases Mantegna’s work as well as other masterpieces by the best artists of Renaissance art in northern Italy in his time, including Donatello, Correggio, Antonello da Messina and Paolo Uccello. The visit is enriched by multimedia projections that allow viewers to immerse themselves in Mantegna’s daily life, and enjoy wonderful works that would not be accessible otherwise – such as the Ovetari Chapel in Padua and the Camera degli Sposi (“bridal chamber”) in Mantua.

Palazzo Madama
City Museum of Ancient Art
Piazza Castello



Photos via:
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January 25, 2020