A morning in Barbana

Santuario della Madonna di Barbana, Grado, Gorizia - Sanctuary of the Madonna of Barbana

Imagine landing, early one morning, on the island of Barbana, in the Grado Lagoon, where a sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna is said to have been build after the Holy Mary gave a sign of her presence through an image found here in the 6th century.

Imagine the effigy of the Virgin as it floated in the water after a violent sea storm that threatened the whole area, at a time when the lagoon still did not exist and Barbana was joint to Grado: it was a prodigy that inspired the construction of a number of churches, until the sanctuary was finally built in the 18th century.

Imagine that. A great Friuli writer of the 19th century, Caterina Percoto, can help envision the scene with her short story “The Friend”, set right here on Barbana:

“That morning, no one had yet crossed the grass, which was wet with nighttime dew and was starting to raise and shiver under the early sunlight:”

“The gulf below the mountain was all in the shade, almost until Trieste – which appeared far away behind a veil of light fog, while the lagoon stretched out towards the west like a vast, shiny mirror, lighting up the green isles in the estuary, the Grado bell tower and all the tallest buildings…”

Welcome to Barbana.

Photos via: ©Liceo Einstein di Cervignano, ©www.turismofvg.it, ©Artur Kociola, ©Daniel Horacio Agostini, ©Enrico Sverzut, ©plcalquin, ©João Benedito Ferreira de Araújo, ©blackauris

November 30, 2016

A morning in Barbana

Island of Barbana, Grado (Gorizia)
Sanctuary of the Madonna of Barbana
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