A Mardi Gras bookmark masquerade

Bookmarks point to a temporary interruption. You quit reading – just for a while – because you have to do something else. You place a reminder in between the pages of your book in order to go back to where you left off as soon as possible. In the meantime, something else requires your attention.

Carnival is an interruption too: an interlude of fleeting, rambunctious fun in between ordinary days, a cheerful and transient upheaval of normalcy.

The Carnival Bookmarks series was published for years by Fila (Fabbrica italiana lapis e affini), a Florentine drawing equipment manufacturer. Each bookmark represents a traditional Italian mask, inviting you to take a break from the quiet of your book, and join the Mardi Gras party, in a jumble of streamers and float parades.

Your bookmark will stay put, in between the pages, and wait faithfully for your return. “Now”, he seems to say, “where were we…”.

March 4, 2014