A conversation between ancient and contemporary art in Naples


"Alternate Passages"

Held at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples until January 8th 2018, “Proiezioni (Oltre il Tempo)” – “Projections (Beyond Time)” – is an extraordinary opportunity to spark a conversation between ancient sculptures and contemporary installations, ideated by Venetian artist Francesco Candeloro.

Candeloro’s art takes form in the light and color of Plexiglas geometrical shapes printed with industrial aerographers, tinted filters and neon lights: laser-cut modern elements thus meet ancient marble that was carved with chisels and ground with sand.

It all makes for a wonderful short circuit that this “architect of the immaterial” – as Candeloro has been described – provokes, for example, by incorporating the “Farnese Bull” in a large, luminous neon eye that represents the skyline in Beirut (“Time Lines”); or by using the “Farnese Hercules” to look out at the panoramic and colorful view of New York (“Alternate Passages”).

Let’s join this timeless conversation.

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December 18, 2017

A conversation between ancient and contemporary art in Naples

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