A baker’s fine pastries at Pasticceria Venezia

Vicenza, Pasticceria Venezia

The story of Pasticceria Venezia, in Vicenza, started at a baker’s: the one Ferruccio Ferracina opened in the late 1800s in the nearby town of Camisano Vicentino, which is still known for its excellent bread today.

At one point, the shop started offering fine pastries as well, and in 1964 – moving along the branches of the family tree – the new business found a home of its own at the heart of Vicenza, in Contrà Pescheria, when the founder’s grandson bought a historical establishment from the Bressan family.

There, the family’s delicious tradition has thrived, decade after decade: Ferracina is now listed in the National Registry of Historical Establishments and continues to entice its clients with forty different types of freshly-made pastries every day, as well as jams and preserves, fruit gelatins, and chocolate treats.

Every day, the wonder of traditional delicacies renews itself a few steps from the Basilica Palladiana.

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October 31, 2014

A baker’s fine pastries at Pasticceria Venezia

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