The Appiano House Museum, Sicilian Wunderkammer


“Lombroso’s 1000 faces”: criminal anthropology and physiognomy on show in Turin

Turin’s Royal Armory

The Venice Glass Week

Aldo Rossi at Palazzo della Ragione

MAR-Miniera Argentiera: augmented reality for an open-air museum

Earth and gold by Fontana, at Galleria Borghese

The Musumeci Greco Weapon Academy: a temple of fencing

Ethnologica: the Orient showcased in Forlì

Francesco Pagano, Tavola Strozzi

The South’s Renaissance: an exhibition in Matera

Sala di Ostetricia

The Palazzo Poggi Museum in Bologna

The Castellani Gold Collection at Villa Giulia’s Museum

Dante 4

Five homes for five great Italian authors


The Lodovico Pogliaghi House Museum: turning a home into a total work of art

Verrocchio: Florence celebrates Leonardo’s teacher

The Roar of Italian Heritage

Tirelli Costumi: the history of cinema in the pleats and seams of a dress


Cities and towns by Benvenuto Disertori

Baroque by Caravaggio at the Capodimonte Museum

Canova and antiquity: Naples beams a light on the artist’s genius

Museo-del Design-00

The Design Museum: creativity and excellence by design

Parco sculture Brufa (4)

Brufa, a small village and open-air museum

Caffè Fernanda: vintage mood at the Pinacoteca di Brera


Bologna in Lucio Dalla’s house-museum


Casa Barezzi: where Verdi was discovered

Venice’s Museum of Punk – the biggest collection in the world

2019: a year to celebrate Leonardo’s world


The scent of Venice in Palazzo Mocenigo

History and legend at the Royal Palace of Capodimonte

Tipografia Portoghese: stopping time to focus on the future