Zash, the words of nature

Zash is a sound, an onomatopoeia that reminds us of the many sprinkled in the verses of the great Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli (“scilp”, “trr trr trr terit tirit”, “chio chio chio chip”…).

It is a sound that, together with others, well describes this Eastern corner of Sicily, immersed in the countryside, where time slows down and a whirlwind of synesthesia sweeps you off your feet. It is not just hearing, but all five senses benefit from a touch of tenderness from nature.

Zash is an agritourism in which such sensations are loved and guarded with devotion.

Everything in this old country house has been designed for their safeguard: a handful of rooms with high vaulted ceilings and large windows facing Mount Etna to the West and the Ionian Sea to the East; a bar, enclosed in the old wine making area where grape crushing used to take place; the restaurant that has been beautifully set up where wine fermented…

It won’t take long for you to become fluent in the local language, which has no grammar and is accessible to all: a full immersion of a few days will forever convince you that one of the most beautiful languages in the world is spoken here.

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December 16, 2013

Zash, the words of nature

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