Zandomeneghi, an Italian painter in Paris – soon in Padua

Mostra “L’Impressionismo di Zandomeneghi, ”Palazzo Zabarella, a Padova

"Femme accoudée sur un fauteuil", second half of the 1800s, cryon on paper, private collection

From next October 1st, and until January 29th 2017, Palazzo Zabarella in Padua will present “L’Impressionismo di Zandomeneghi”, an exhibition dedicated to telling the story of this Venetian painter’s artistic life through one hundred of his works, marking the centennial of his death.

Federico Zandomeneghi’s (1841-1917) artistic destiny was determined by one date in particular: 1874.

That is the year Impressionism was officially born, on April 15th, when a group of “revolutionary” and independent artists – Monet, Sisley, Degas, Renoir – first held a show in photography pioneer Nadar’s studio on Boulevard des Capucines in Paris. The works they showcased represented a clear break with the Louvre’s Salon, from which they had been excluded for years.

In early June 1874, Zandomeneghi suddenly decided to leave Italy and go to Paris. He had planned for a few weeks’ stay, but ended up moving there for the rest of his life.

He became friends with Degas and Renoir, and stood out as the member of the “Italiens de Paris” group (with Boldini and De Nittis) who was closest to the Parisian Impressionist movement.

Here is a selection of his painting of women.

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September 12, 2016

Zandomeneghi, an Italian painter in Paris – soon in Padua

Padua, from October 1st 2016 to January 29th 2017
Palazzo Zabarella, via degli Zabarella, 14
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