Wonderful hospitality at Agriturismo Castello di Bagnolo

Agriturismo Castello di Bagnolo

Once the palace of the aristocratic family of the Malingri Counts, the “Palas” in Bagnolo Piemonte is located in the province of Cuneo, between fifty hectares of orchards, vineyards and fields, surrounded by the three old farmhouses of the wonderful Agriturismo Castello di Bagnolo. Pompeo Colajanni – who, known as “Bearded Commander” on the battlefield, led the antifascists Garibaldi Brigade between 1943 and 1945 against the German occupation – once spent the night here.

An educated and well-mannered partisan of Sicilian origin, Colajanni noted on his diary, “Just once […] I had the chance to sleep in those rooms. A housekeeper brought me breakfast to my bedroom, and almost reprimanded me because – used to doing everything on my own – I had already made my bed.”

Now you can stay here too, and hear this and other old stories while resting your eyes on the amazing colors of the hills between the Pellice and the Po Valleys – a region of amazing hospitality, luckily also in these times of peace.

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November 24, 2017

Wonderful hospitality at Agriturismo Castello di Bagnolo

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