Waiting for porcupines in Atri’s badlands

Calanchi di Atri Oasi del WWF, Abruzzo - WWF Oasis

Porcupines have been missing from the badlands in Atri, a natural park of approximately 400 hectares, managed by WWF.

The prickly rodents are a symbol of the area, and were usually common especially during the summer, but now other species seem to have taken over the deep fissures in the clay-rich soil of this fascinating area of Abruzzo: diurnal and nocturnal birds of pray, like sparrow hawks and little owls; reptiles, like the four-lined snake and the slow worm; foxes, hares, and European moles. They fly, slither, and walk between willows and poplars, dog-rose shrubs, hawthorns, Scotch broom, and tamarisks.

Porcupines are not gone forever, we are sure. Who wouldn’t want to come back to such a beautiful scene?

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January 14, 2015

Waiting for porcupines in Atri’s badlands

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