Waiting for enchantment

Anyone who appreciates Luigi Menozzi’s work knows his photos of Reggio’s mountains, the fruit of over ten years of research and core of his 1999 book, In attesa dell’incanto.
When Menozzi started documenting the Apennine in 1987, it was a turning point in his career: it was the project with which he started to approach a type of photography that was more artisanal in its form and slower and more thoughtful in the process.

In his creative itinerary, Luigi Menozzi always considered developing and printing his own photos personally a necessity. At one point, he even shifted from Baryta paper to natural sheets he prepared personally with gelatin and a silver chloro-bromide emulsion with selenium toner. His patient rediscovery of ancient photographic techniques later led him to printing on platinum-palladium printing paper.
November 2, 2015