Voltaggio, a bridge between Piedmont and Liguria

Voltaggio, Alessandria

Voltaggio is a Piedmontese town with Ligurian origins: it became part of the province of Alessandria only in 1859, and has always maintained close ties to Genoa – as honorary municipality and part of its archdioceses.

An ideal bridge between the two neighbor regions, it has taken a real, medieval bridge across the river Lemme as its symbol.

Voltaggio described the area in an 1855 publication: “It has plentiful waters, with a light and diuretic sulfurous spring, which locals drink regularly. The surrounding mountain town is stern […] and the winter climate is harsh. People usually eat healthily, as is the norm in the countryside: corn flour, chestnuts, milk, homemade pasta, legumes…” (translated from “Dissertazione teorico-pratica sulla colera asiatica occorsa ultimamente nella Liguria e sul contagio della medesima”).

Here are a few images of this beautiful town.

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October 30, 2017

Voltaggio, a bridge between Piedmont and Liguria

Voltaggio (Alessandria)