Vincenzo Balocchi, the photographer-engineer

Vincenzo Balocchi, fotografie - photographs

"Children on the Swing", 1964-65

Here are some wonderful photos by Vincenzo Balocchi (1892-1975), the Florentine engineer/artist who directed Florence-based photographic firm Fratelli Alinari for years (he mostly worked with photomechanical reproduction between 1921 and 1930). In 1928, Balocchi founded Istituto Fotocromo Italiano, which specialized until the 1980s in collotype for beautiful art editions (now supplanted by more technological and sophisticated printing techniques).

Vincenzo Balocchi’s passion for photography started in the early 1920s, after he completed his studies in engineering at Turin’s University. His works are kept in the Fratelli Alinari History of Photography Museum in Florence: over 6,000 photographic prints, some 30,000 black and white film negatives, over 4,000 color film negatives and 450 plate negatives.

After co-founding “Gruppo fotografico fiorentino” in the 1930s, in 1948 Balocchi joined “Bussola”, the association founded in Milan in 1947 that brought together the time’s most important photographers, including Piergiorgio Branzi, Giuseppe Cavalli, Mario Finazzi, Ferruccio Leiss and Fosco Maraini.

Let’s enjoy this small selection of his photographs: children, couples in love, women, men, and works of art… all made in Italy, and in black and white.

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December 12, 2016

Vincenzo Balocchi, the photographer-engineer

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