Villa Pisani and its green treasure

Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin, a Vescovana (Pd)

Some say that Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin, in Vescovana (Padua), is still haunted by the ghost of Evelina van Millingen, a beautiful noblewoman of British origin who lived between Istanbul, Rome and Venice in the 19th century. Evelina was responsible for creating the magnificent garden and massive park that make this villa in Veneto such a fascinating place.

She moved to Vescovana in 1852, after marrying the last descendant of the ancient house of the Pisani of Santo Stefano (who also built the wonderful Villa Pisani in Stra).

Evelina brought to her new home a kind of multi-faceted culture, made up of Anglo-Flemish, Turkish and Venetian elements.

One of the results was a splendid garden that is still considered a masterpiece of harmony, where Italian geometry, English naturalism and a touch of Islamic tradition coexist.

Tulips, narcissus and roses alternate here according to the seasons, adding a touch of color to spaces dotted with century-old and monumental trees as well as amazing statues and architectures.

And after this wonderful green treasure there is much more to visit: Vescovana is close to nay natural and urban wonders – such as the walled cities of Este, Montagnana and Monselice, the River Po Delta Natural Park and the Euganean Hills Natural Park.

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March 10, 2016

Villa Pisani and its green treasure

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