“Vedo a Colori”: street art in Civitanova Marche

Independent artist Giulio Vesprini invented “Vedo a Colori” because he wants to create the most painted harbor in Italy. Thanks to his vision, since 2009 the harbor of Civitanova Marche has been transforming into the biggest open-air, permanent exhibition on street art in Italy.

Born in 1980 in this town in the province of Macerata, Vesprini has invited about forty Italian artists to give his hometown a boost of color, covering the pale walls of the local port with a new skin of murals.

In a recent interview with local daily “Cronache Maceratesi”, Vesprini explained, “In the past few years, we have tried to renovate the gray walls of unused spaces, building sites, and warehouses. We did not ask artists to work on any one specific theme, and let them follow their own inspiration and perception of the place instead. Our only requirement was to create some kind of collective story, in which each artist picks up from the one who worked on the previous segment.”

While artists continue to contribute to making the harbor of Civitanova Marche a more beautiful place, a catalog of the works painted between 2009 and 2014 has been published. Find out how to purchase it by visiting “Vedo a Colori”’s website).

Street art is ready to ship.

Photos via © Massimo Perugini

September 2, 2015

“Vedo a Colori”: street art in Civitanova Marche

Civitanova Marche (Mc)