Vacunae Rosae, on holiday with the queen of flowers


Near Rome, there is an old rose garden named after a Sabine goddess who was believed to protect farmers’ well-deserved rest. Her name was Vacuna, which is related to the Latin verb “vacare”, from which the Italian “vacanza” and the English “vacation” derive.

Thus, there is no better time of the year than the beginning of the summer to visit the Vacunae Rosae, located near the medieval village of Roccantica, in the province of Rieti: it is a magnificent thematic garden, entirely dedicated to the queen of flowers – showcasing some 5,000 different rose varieties over two hectares.

The park has an unparalleled structure: homogenous groups of roses are placed together in 130 sectors, allowing visitors to appreciate their colors and scents, as well as their geographical origin, botanical development… and the main historical, cultural and artistic features of each beautiful flower.

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June 29, 2018

Vacunae Rosae, on holiday with the queen of flowers

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