Turin’s Galleria L’Estampe: art for the future

Torino, Galleria L'Estampe

Amongst other things, the Galleria L’Estampe in Turin provides art conservation services – something the Siena-born art historian Cesare Brandi once described as “the methodological moment in which a work of art is recognized as such… in view of the need to pass it on to future generations”.

Recognizing art and passing it on: this is what this gallery in Turin does every day, in a fascinating locale crowded with sculptures, watercolors, drawings, paintings – ranging from antiquity to the 1900s – and books.

This is where this legacy is tended to, “in its physical consistency and dual aesthetic and historical polarity”, to quote Brandi again. All with the same passion that artists and writers felt when producing their masterpieces.

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October 23, 2014

Turin’s Galleria L’Estampe: art for the future

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