Turin is home to the most beautiful piece of furniture in the world

Museo Accorsi Ometto Torino (1)

Turin is home to a superlative piece of furniture – which critics even dare say is “the most beautiful in the world”: a secrétaire-cabinet decorated with mythological scenes (including a wedding celebrated in the presence of Apollo Citharoedus, cherubs working in a smithy, and a languid sleeping Diana).

The spectacular unit is a masterpiece of Rococo with rare woods inlaid with ivory and tortoiseshell. It is on display in one of the 27 rooms of the Accorsi-Ometto Museum, a treasure trove of decorative art, brought together with long and painstaking work by the “prince of Italian collectors”, Turin-born Pietro Accorsi (1891-1982).

The secrétaire-cabinet was made in 1738 by a master of 18th-century woodwork, Piero Piffetti, whom Cuban art historian Alvar González-Palacios defines as “one of the most original authors at the highest levels of Western interior decor”.

And there’s more: the incredible Museum – located in a historical 17th-century building at the very heart of Turin – showcases over 3,000 pieces, counting tapestries, china, furniture, silverware and glassware.

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October 18, 2018

Turin is home to the most beautiful piece of furniture in the world

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