The Village of Chianalea: Little Venice of the South

Located in the province of Reggio Calabria, within the municipality of Scilla, the Village of Chianalea is a fishing village of historical charm, unscathed by mass tourism. The waves that break on the coast and reach houses with a caress have earned it the nickname “Little Venice”.

An ancient castle rises above the village, where a lighthouse – still used today by the Italian Navy – was built in 1913 to guide ships across the Strait of Messina. In the 16th century, Count Paolo Ruffo lived in the castle to rule over the feud of Scilla and defend it from the Ottoman corsair known as Barbarossa (Redbeard).

The magical village has incredibly ancient origins: Homer claims Trojan exiles founded it. Millennia of history have provided the humble location with a unique charm – not to mention a rich gastronomic and wine tradition – making it one of the most poetic places in the South of Italy. Don’t miss the spectacular view over the Aeolian Islands from the Castle’s fortress, especially at night when the sea reflects the starry sky.

April 9, 2018

The Village of Chianalea: Little Venice of the South