The Timor Danese calendar by Enzo Mari: plastic and equality

Enzo Mari, calendario Timor Danese, 1966-67

The perpetual Timor Danese calendar was created by Piedmontese designer Enzo Mari in 1967. With PVC tabs mounted on a fan-like structure, it allows you to “pick a card” with the right date and month, and is as “comfortable, flexible, washable, transformable” as plastic can be, in the words of another Italian designer and Milan Polytechnic professor, Andrea Branzi (in “Il design italiano 1964-1990”, Electa, Milan 1996).

“In the 1960s,” says Branzi, “plastic (in all of its variations) became the go-to material for most of Italian design, both for the technical benefits it offered and for the powerful innovative message it conveyed […]. The ideology of plastic was indeed emerging also as a symbol of Italian design: it brought ideals of freedom, democracy, and equality.”

Enzo Mari would certainly agree, considering he always held Karl Marx’s teachings and the French Revolution’s principle of “égalité” so dear

June 15, 2015