The suspended charm of Mondadori’s Segrate headquarters


“The new Mondadori is in Segrate, in a building designed in the early 1970s by Oscar Niemeyer.”

In his “Milano fantasma”, Michele Mari gives a particular description of the major Italian publish house’s headquarters, which Giorgio Mondadori, founder Arnoldo’s son, had entrusted to the famous Brazilian architect (who passed away in 2012, at 105 years old). The structure is surrounded by a 20,000-square-meter artificial lake and by a vast park by landscape designer Pietro Porcinai.

Mari states, “For so long, people looked at this building with skepticism, because it seems so close to collapsing – or, actually, the huge cuboid suspended from the structure above seems about to detach and fall; it sits on the ground with arches of varying width (much like a shipping container, lifted by a crane and hovering over the void).”

“Therefore, you can walk under Mondadori without having to go underground, and what’s more striking without crossing any pillars.”

“Mondadori, we could say, stays up like a soffit attached to a ceiling” (M. Mari, “Milano fantasma”, Edt, Turin 2008).

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October 10, 2018

The suspended charm of Mondadori’s Segrate headquarters

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