The Romanengo Candy Shop

The historical Confetteria Pietro Romanengo has its shop in piazza Soziglia, in Genoa’s city center. Giorgio Caproni celebrated the ‘Soziglia’ toponym in his “Litania”, dedicated to the Ligurian capital city. The verses he wrote associate the place with the most humble spaces and objects (“Genoa of Soziglia.
/ Alleyway. Poultry. Mullet”). After all, this was where a second-rate market was held during the Middle Ages.

Yet, when the refined Romanengo shop opened here in 1814, it blended with some perfectly elegant surroundings. And to this day, this is a distinguished venue where you can sit among marble and wood furnishings, and taste the old candy and chocolate shop’s specialties: chocolates, candied fruit, fondants, fruit and flower preserves, and desserts that have been created blending fruits, flowers and colors by the masters of Genoan candying. Between spring and summer, however, they dedicate themselves exclusively to one ingredient, the most beautiful flower of all, to create the company’s signature rose syrup.

Romanengo is a beautiful rose in Genoa’s garden.

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December 15, 2013

The Romanengo Candy Shop

Piazza Soziglia, 74/76
+39 010 2474574