The Plains of Castelluccio

Contrasts triumph in the Plains of Castelluccio, in the Apennines of Umbria and Marche. The white winter snow covering their surface of approximately 15 square kilometers clashes with the colors of spring: blue cornflowers, red poppies, yellow lentil flowers. Piano Piccolo (“small plain”) resists Piano Grande (“large plain”), like the small army of Visso, made up of only six-hundred men, which defeated the six thousand soldiers of Norcia’s army in the 1522 battle of Pian Perduto.

The vast plateau – actually the bottom of an ancient Apennine lake, now dried up – placidly defies the towering peaks of the Sibillini mountains, where the Colli Alti (“high hills”) and the Colli Bassi (“low hills”) tackle each other.

As Heraclitus explained, “from differences results the most beautiful harmony.”

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December 13, 2013

The Plains of Castelluccio