The Passetto caves in Ancona, work and creativity

Grotte del Passetto di Ancona

The colorful wooden gates at the entrance of the artificial caves in Passetto, Ancona, are a striking work of craftsmanship by the “grottaroli”, the local fishermen who since the middle of the 19th century used these man-made cavities to store small boats and tools.

Located on the coastline in Marche, in the Conero Park protected natural area, Passetto is a neighborhood in Ancona on a cliff that dives into the Adriatic Sea.

A white staircase leads to the rocky beach down below, home to a charming composition of salvaged material: majolica tiles for the flooring, wooden sleepers used to pull boats ashore, salvaged furniture used for the most diverse purposes.

It is a treasure trove of sea, wood, colors, work, and creativity.

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October 7, 2015

The Passetto caves in Ancona, work and creativity

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