The mysteries of Casa Mollino


Carlo Mollino (1805-1973) – an eclectic architect and designer we have already featured more than once – designed various private homes in his hometown Turin. One of them is his namesake Casa Mollino, an apartment inside a late-19th-century villa located at Via Napione 2, just a stone’s throw from the central Piazza Vittorio Veneto that is the very heart of the former Savoy capital.

The artist never lived in this residence, although he wished to: he called it “the home of warriors’ rest” and planned for a hallway filled with photographs, “a kind of sunset boulevard” where he imagined spending his last years.

It is quite a mysterious home that Mollino apparently renovated drawing inspiration from the tomb Egyptian architect Kha – who worked for Amenothep III – had build for his wife Merit and himself in the 14th century BC. You can hear all about its history and enigmas from the Fondazione Mollino staff, who guide visitors through its rooms and welcome any questions.

Photos via: Valentina Ortaggi © Domus


August 1, 2018

The mysteries of Casa Mollino

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