The Mondial 250 GP

The 250 GP came out in 1957, a peculiar year for its company, Mondial Moto.

The motorcycle manufacturer was founded in Milan in 1929 – initially with the name FB, which stood for “Fratelli Boselli”, after the owners, the “Boselli brothers” from Piacenza – and started competing aggresively in the Grand Prix motorcycle racing championship in the end of the 1940s, earning an enviable total of ten titles in the “riders” and “constructors” categories.

Then, in 1957, facing insurmountable financial difficulties, Mondial agreed with Moto Guzzi and Gilera to withdraw from racing, and signed with them a pact to give up sports competition. Times had changed: car sales in Europe were booming, and motorcycles – once a popular means of transportation – were turning into luxury goods.

Mondial started racing again in the late 1960s, with satisfactory results. But its golden age had ended in 1957, and the 250 GP embodies the final, unsurpassed wonder of that time.

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December 13, 2013