The Middle Ages are intact in the Ricetto of Candelo

Ricetto di Candelo, Biella

Entering the Ricetto of Candelo, a few kilometers from Biella, might make you feel like the two protagonists of the hilarious film “Nothing Left to Do but Cry” (if you haven’t seen it, we hope you can remedy soon).

Massimo Troisi and Roberto Benigni, the two leading figures in this Italian movie, are catapulted from their time – the first half of the 1980s – to 1492, five centuries back in time, in a small Tuscan town.

In adjusting to a long-gone world, which they know only in a vague and superficial way by means of fairy tales, movies and a few history books, they go through a series of funny and surreal adventures.

Visiting the Ricetto of Candelo and its intact medieval configuration made of stone, not silver-screen papier-mâché, is truly an extraordinary experience that will make you wonder whether you’ve been taken back to the Middle Ages too.

Built between the late 13th century and the early 14th, it occupies only a little more than one hectare and was meant to be the town’s “warehouse” of household goods, farm animals, farming tools, fruits, and vegetables.

But in the end of the 1400s, some people decided to live there: one of them was feoffee Sebastiano Ferrero, who had his home built here. Today, you can still see the “House of the Prince” stand out between the red roofs of the other buildings.

Nothing left to do but visit it!

Photos via: ©Roberto Giancristoforo, ©Giancarlo Molteni, ©Diego Santi

December 2, 2016

The Middle Ages are intact in the Ricetto of Candelo