The Messner Museum

Reinhold Messner wanted to make the Sigmundskron Castle, in Bolzano, and the other four locations around Trentino-Alto Adige where the “Messner Mountain Museum” is scattered (Solda, Cibiana di Cadore, Castelbello and Brunico) his “fifteenth eight-thousander”.

The mountaineer, adventurer and explorer from South Tyrol – famous for embarking on expeditions with minimal equipment –wanted a mosaic-museum that could “tell the story of what happens within us when we surrender to the mountain: its dangers, but also its greatness and mystery”.

The Sigmundskron Castle – on a hill between the Adige and the Eisack – is a crucial chapter in this story. Any man who has come back from a mission to explore his human limits yearns to share his experience with others: the fear and courage, the hope and desperation, the dizzying departure and euphoric return. And, first and foremost, the mystery of wonder of creation.

Messner renovated this Medieval fortress – one of the oldest defensive structures in Alto Adige – in collaboration with architect Werner Tscholl, who is an expert in castle renovation and was able to preserve the building’s original look.

The outcome is for all the world to see. Another mission accomplished.

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December 10, 2013

The Messner Museum

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