The Maserati 300S and Mark Knopfler’s Fender

Maserati 300S 1955

Although he is probably more attached to his Fender Stratocaster, Mark Knopfler is probably proud to own a Maserati 300S as well. The Dire Straits co-founder has, indeed, one of the 26 ever made by the Modena-based manufacturer between 1956 and 1958.

With its aluminum body by Medardo Fantuzzi and frame made by Gilberto Colombo, in its time the Maserati 300S won a number of trophies in Germany, Argentina, Venezuela, and Australia.

In the lyrics of “Heavy Fuel”, Knopfler wrote “If you wanna run cool, you got to run / On heavy, heavy fuel”. But in this case there is no need to run: the car is so beautiful you just want to stop and stare.

August 13, 2014