The Mantegna Tarocchi on show in Milan



The twenty-eight burin prints commonly known as “Mantegna Tarocchi” will be displayed until next July 1st, 2018 in Milan’s Venerable Ambrosian Library. They are part of a series of fifty, painted in the 15th century by unknown authors: a variety of artists from Veneto and the area of Ferrara have been associated with them, and Laura Paola Gnaccolini – curator of the Milan exhibition – has recently suggested Padua-born painter Lazzaro Bastiani might have created them.

“Mantegna’s Tarots” were originally bound into books and only later taken apart to be grouped in bundles of five or ten cards each.

These beautiful works once belonged to cardinal Federico Borromeo’s collection, and are a representation of the medieval universe: they represent symbolic characters in art, liberal sciences, human conditions, cosmic principles, and Christian virtues – as well as Apollo, the Muses, the planets, the celestial spheres and god.

Enjoy a taste of the exhibition with this small selection.

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May 2, 2018

The Mantegna Tarocchi on show in Milan

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